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This statement describes Walking Tours in Ltd’s environmental footprint strategy. As one of the largest economic sectors in the world, which is continuously showing signs of growth, tourism has a significant impact on the environment including over consumption of natural resources and increase in emissions and solid waste. 

We recognise our responsibility and are committed to minimising the impact our company has on the environment. Our pathways for progression include:

  • Collaborate: Share evidence of risks and solutions with all stakeholders and our guests, and work together to ensure plans are as effective and co-ordinated as possible.

  • Finance: Ensure organisational resources and capacity are sufficient to meet objectives set out in climate plans, including the financing of training, research and implementation of effective policy tools.

  • Measure: Measure and disclose all emissions. Ensure our methodologies and measurement tools are transparent and accessible.

  • Regenerate: Restore and protect ecosystems, supporting nature’s ability to draw down carbon, as well as safeguarding biodiversity, food security, and water supply. Ensure the sector can support affected and at-risk communities in resilience building and adaptation.