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Five of the best restaurants in the West End of Glasgow

Updated: Jun 22

The West End is one of the nicest areas of Glasgow, brimming with exciting restaurants to try out. We have been incredibly lucky to visit a few, so today we thought it would be fun to share some of our favourites!

a store front at night

1. Brel

Located on the very Instagrammable Ashton Lane, the restaurant describes itself as “Ashton Lane’s most magical venue”. Indeed, sitting outside in the beer garden at night truly does feel magical what with the atmospheric lighting. I have good memories of sitting here in the evening, surrounded by fellow university students. I have also sat here during the day with family, enjoying a burger with fries. You’ll regret not giving this one a try.

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a bowl of food on a plate

Scottish Haggis Cooked For A Burns Night Dinner Against A Royal Stuart Tartan

2. Stravaigin

The restaurant describes itself as “the Best Scottish Restaurant in Glasgow” and we couldn’t agree more! We’ve been several times and we particularly liked that the menu was so fresh. The haggis here is one of the highlights of the menu and years ago won the award of “best haggis”.

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a plate of food

3. Ramen Dayo

Another Ashton Lane treat, this place serves perhaps the most authentic ramen in Glasgow. It feels like a nice slice of Japan in the hustle of the West End.

The restaurant has received great critical claim, even being dubbed by The New York Times as “Scotland’s only premium ramen shop”.

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4. The Loveable Rogue

If going here, try and go on a Sunday as then you will be able to taste their famous Sunday roast! On the website the roast is described as a “culinary masterpiece not to be missed”. But even if you go on any other day of the week, there are still countless other delicacies for you to try out. There is the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Haggis and Oysters, amongst many other tasty treats.

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5. Oran Mor

A pub/restaurant inside a former church? Sounds so cool, right?! I visited this place many times, even spending a birthday here. There’s truly a great atmosphere to the place, making it one of my favourite places in Glasgow. As well as serving food and drinks, it hosts events. Play and a pint is incredibly popular, as are the various comedy acts that perform here. There’s even candlelight ballet here, every so often…

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