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Five of the best walks in and around Liverpool

Emilija Morrison: Business Development Assistant

When thinking of picturesque places to go on walks, Liverpool may not immediately spring to mind. However, the area around Liverpool is rich with various exciting walks for all the family to enjoy. Read on to hear of our favourites!


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1. Ainsdale & Birkdale Sandhills Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve is home to one of Britain’s largest areas of dunes. It is also home to a wide array of rare species. There is the Great Crested Newt, the UK’s most protected species of amphibian. There is also the Sand Lizard, a shy creature that isn’t often spotted. Moreover, the area is filled with rare wildflowers.

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2. Allerton Towers

This is a lesser-known gem – one even some Liverpool locals don’t know about – yet definitely still worth a visit. It is a 35 acre park in south Liverpool. The original Allerton Tower was demolished in the 1930s, however you can still see the orangery, lodge, stables and partially walled garden.

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3. Birkenhead Park

This park has a fascinating history. Not only is it widely regarded as the first publicly funded park in the world, it also has an interesting family tree in that it inspired the famous Central Park in New York!

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4. Sefton Park

The park boasts many attractions: it has caves and waterfalls, a Peter Pan statue, a boating lake and a bandstand. Moreover, the Palm House is without a doubt the biggest attraction of the park – the Victorian building hosts much plant life, which you can stroll through and admire.

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5. Croxteth Country Park

It is unlikely you’ve ever visited a park with a traditional working Victorian farm on site, yet this is what this park has. This isn’t the only attraction the park offers: it also has a walled garden, Croxteth Hall, a riding centre and an adventure playground.

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