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Glasgow’s Top 5 Instagram Spots!

So you’re on the big Scotland trip! You’ve regaled your friends back home with the classic shots of you standing on the banks of one rain-splattered loch after the other, you posing with a drunk guy in a kilt on a way to a wedding (maybe his own, you couldn’t quite work out the accent) and an album you like to call ‘old buildings against a grey sky’. But, all this before you make it to Glasgow – Scotland’s capital of Instagram opportunities! Here are some alternative snaps guaranteed to stand out in a sea of avocado toasts.

1. Hip Hop Marionettes Mural

Wall art comes second only to cats on the list of things that make a successful Instagram post. This mural, a short walk from Glasgow’s main square, was inspired by a Beastie Boys album cover and a picture of Run-D.M.C. Painted by local artist Rogue One, the mural is part of a series commissioned by the council in order to rejuvenate the streets of Glasgow. This one is featured as part of our City Centre tour!


2. The Duke of Wellington Statue

A Glaswegian icon. Sure he defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, but here in Glasgow his true claim to fame is the traffic cone that sits upon his head. Rumoured to cost the council £10,000 a year to remove, locals delight in replacing it and it has now become an iconic image reflected in advertising campaigns and official merchandise. The Duke and his cone are another one of our stops on the City Centre tour.

a statue of a man riding a horse in front of a building

3. The University of Glasgow

A wealth of Instagram opportunity awaits! The university’s main building, a 19th Century construction, is picturesque whatever the weather. From the Harry Potter-esque cloisters to the Gothic tower standing tall against the city’s skyline, you’re guaranteed a great shot. Get the chance to see the university and learn about university life in Glasgow on our West End tour.

a large clock tower towering over a city

4. Ashton Lane

A hipster paradise complete with fairy-lights and cobblestones. Situated in the city’s West End and home to a number of great bars, restaurants and even a cinema, it’s impossible not to get a good picture. Aim your lens high to catch the string lights set against the quaint rooftops or wait until sundown and capture some well-dressed locals soaking up the atmosphere.

a store front at night

5. The ‘People Make Glasgow’ sign

Perhaps slightly less alternative but no less Instagram-worthy. Our city’s slogan since 2013 after more than a thousand people from forty-two countries submitted their ideas on what makes Glasgow special. The resounding response; the people. To get this shot we stood on the corner of Frederick Street and Ingram Street and took our opportunity once we saw the cloud to blue sky ratio drop below 80%.

a tall building in a city

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