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What to do on a sunny day in Glasgow!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Find yourself in Glasgow on a sunny day? Well you’re lucky as we’re known for our rain.

a group of people walking on a city street

Get a drink

Glasgow is known for its bar culture during any season. During the rare sunny days, there are many bars that have beer gardens to enjoy the sun while you drink. Many areas open specifically for the sun which is a great way to enjoy the day.

Make sure you head to Ashton Lane if it’s sunny. Nestled on a back street in the West End, a street which actually used to be full of farmhouses, is filled with cute little bars and restaurants to have a drink at. This is a popular spot when it’s sunny so make sure you start early!

On Ashton Lane, two popular places to get a drink in the sun are Brel and Jinty McGuinty’s.


a group of people standing in front of a building



If you’re in the City Centre, head to Royal Exchange Square and grab a drink at one of the many bars there. In the last few years, there have been more and more bars opening terraces in the square which is a lovely place to get a drink and people watch. The Social is one of the most popular ones in the square.

If you have a few too many drinks, you can always put a new cone on the Duke of Wellington while you’re there!






a group of people posing for the camera


Go on a walking tour

Of course we’re going to recommend a walking tour but it’s true! One of the best ways to spend a sunny day in Glasgow is by taking a walking tour. There are walking tours in Glasgow that allow you to visit different types of street art and allows you to take the perfect instagram pictures in the sun. You really get to see Glasgow at it’s best!

Join our City Centre tour or Street Art tour.




a tree in a park

Visit one of the parks

Glaswegians love heading to the park in the sun, with a drink or without. If heading to a bar isn’t your thing then sitting in a park is a great way to enjoy the warm weather.

There are many parks to visit in Glasgow such as Glasgow Green and Kelvingrove Park. You can take a walk along the Clyde Canal from Kelvingrove Park or along the River Clyde from Glasgow Green. There are lots of lovely little walks around Glasgow to get a bit of nature.

If you fancy something a little different, you can head to the Botanic Gardens in the West End of Glasgow. They have a few conservatories with different types of plants which can be great for kids and adults alike. In the summer, open-air cinema nights are often run in the Botanic Gardens which you can find via




a group of people walking on a city street



Go shopping

Simply shopping and walking around the main shopping streets in Glasgow is great to do when it’s sunny. Buchanan Street has been voted the second best shopping street in the UK (behind Oxford Street in London) so the shopping is a must-do on a trip to the city.

You have shops for all budgets, from Gucci to Primark! In between shops there are many buskers and street performers to watch and listen to and enjoy.

A unique shopping centre in Glasgow is Argyll Arcade. If it’s a bit too hot for you out in the Scottish sun, head in here and marvel at the beautiful building!




a large green field with trees in the background


Play golf or bowls

Of course, Scotland is famous for golf and there are many places around Glasgow where you can play. Glasgow isn’t the first place you think of for golfing but we do love being outdoors. At Haggs Castle Golf Club, you can play regular golf and also mini golf which is a great and active way to spring the day, perfect for family and friends.

You can also play bowls for free in Glasgow. In Kelvingrove Park, you have the Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls and Tennis Centre. Make sure you book in advance to ensure you get a spot as this is a busy activity on a sunny day.

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