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What are the best pizza restaurants in Glasgow?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

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What do you think of when you picture the food and restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland?

Do you picture traditional local restaurants with fresh locally sourced food? Maybe!

How about scotch pies, mince and tatties and buckfast marinated chicken wings? Absolutely!

But what about pizza restaurants?

Well, unsurprisingly people around Glasgow absolutely love pizza like the rest of the world. Because of this, Glasgow offers a wide variety of amazing pizza restaurants that you need to visit! This blog will showcase the ‘best of the best’ pizza restaurants around Glasgow 👇


1) Mozza – 39 Renfield Street, Glasgow
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Mozza is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy a pizza with an authentic Italian taste. Their pizza is done in a Neapolitan style and woodfired majestically for 60 seconds. They offer 13 different types of pizza with a special pizza for the number 13. Many people ask the question of what’s so special about this pizza number? However, that is the magic as you do not know what the pizza is until it arrives in front of your table! Overall, this is a great place to visit and is extremely cheap with all pizzas costing a mere £6 before 6pm.


2) Pizza Punks – 90 Saint Vincent Street, Glasgow

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Fancy a pizza restaurant that doesn’t play by the rules? Pizza Punk allows you to choose as many toppings for your pizza as you please. They also take a new perspective on the pizza and provide a truly unique menu to blow your taste buds away. The restaurant is punk inspired and set with amazing neon lights. In terms of value they offer pizzas from £6 to £11. Now you can’t go wrong with that…

3) Paesanos – 94 Miller Street or 471 Great Western Road, Glasgow
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Without a doubt, the most famous pizza restaurant in Glasgow is Paesanos. This restaurant is commonly met with queues leading outside the door – because the food is just that good. The pizzas are cooked under an artisan wood fired oven through the traditional Napoletana process. After, they are cooked with authentic Italian sourced ingredients and you will be met with a pizza that personifies care, authenticity and perfection. The menu offers classics with nine different options to choose from. Additionally, it is very moderately priced with pizzas ranging from £5 to £8. Overall, a must try!

4) Romans Pizzeria and Bar – 26 Candleriggs, Glasgow
a pizza sitting on top of a pan

In the heart of Merchant city lies Romans Pizzeria and Bar. This pizza restaurant is independently owned and has remarkably friendly staff, brilliant pizza and wonderful cocktails. The staff are often known for going above and beyond – making for a brilliant atmosphere. Moreover, the service is fast and to the point. The pizzas range from £7 to £9.50 which is very reasonable. This place truly combines the elements of excellent service, great food and a welcoming atmosphere. A true gem in the city centre.


Thank you for reading this week’s blog!


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