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Explore the beautiful capital city of Scotland with a local guide. Full of life, comedy, great pubs, a volcano, and more, Edinburgh has so much to offer. Why choose us to show you our city? Each of our tours is unique and each guide is a local wishing to share their beautiful city with you. From our daily Wee Walk and a Whisky Tour to our privates, we put our heart and soul into every tour we do. See Edinburgh through a local’s eyes, get to know a local and also learn about the real city.

Book any day now until the end of 2026!


Explore Edinburgh the way you want to, spend quality time with a local and get a real taste for our wonderful city. With flexible meeting and end points, and a dedicated local guide, maximize your time with a private tour (or two)! We don’t just offer your standard history tours, we have unique experiences too! You can book any day from now until the end of 2026.


A great way to spend the afternoon

Manon showed up things in Edinburgh that we had walked past and never even knew the significance of! What a delight she was and how brilliant it this tour. We walked the Old Town and ended up at the Tollbooth Hotel which was on my MUST SEE list anyway. The whiskey tasting was very interesting and we loved the hotel so much, we stayed on for dinner. A fabulous way to spend a couple of hours away from the tour buses and see the authentic town.

– Patricia Arnold, Tripadvisor
Passionate Tour Guide

My friends and I went on The People's Story tour with Mojo and it was just us in the tour. You could tell how passionate he is about the city by the way he is doing this and this made us enjoy the tour much. He is very knowledgeable and gets into very interesting details, not a generic narrative. He used a folder with relevant pictures while narrating which I found very helpful and interesting. He actually gave us an extra hour as we all got carried away enjoying the tour.

– Yasmine E, Tripadvisor
A great morning with lots of learning!

We were toured around mid-July 2021 by Mojo - it was a small group that day and he managed to make it so personalised to our interests, answering questions as we went along. Thoroughly enjoyed the morning and aside from all the engaging content and details we would have otherwise overlooked, we saw lots of great spots to return to over the rest of our stay. A great tour to choose!!

– Fry, Tripadvisor
You should try it yourself

It was an amazing walk. Telling stories of people who really had a great impact on the Scottish history was amazing. My friends and I have enjoyed it so much, we had the ability to see Edinburgh from different perspective and to know more about its rich historical stories. Mojo is a very genuine, friendly and easy going tour guide.

– Menna D, Tripadvisor
Interesting and Fun Tour

We spent a great afternoon on this tour walking round Edinburgh’s beautiful Old Town. Our tour guide Mojo took us to familiar places but with a different angle which made it very interesting but also entertaining. A fun day and highly recommended.

– RONNIE P, Tripadvisor