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Hi we’re Liv and Jenny, we founded this company in 2017, because we understand how important it is to meet and spend time with a local when you visit a new place. We initially took the tours ourself, before expanding into a group of guides, each who bring their own spin to the tours.

In each place, all of our guides are guides because they are passionate about the city and they want to share its beauty with you! Our guides come from all walks of life, and all have their own unique experiences of their hometown, which is what makes every tour unique. We hope to see you on one of our tours soon.

We don’t just offer your standard history tours, we have unique experiences too! You can book any day from now until the end of 2024.

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Hello, my name is Simon and I have lived in the Highlands for over 20 years. I have a passion for Inverness with its rich, diverse culture and history through the ages. Currently studying with the University of the Highlands and Islands, I am very much looking forward to meeting you and introducing some of the cities best, most varied stories.

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Hi, I’m Doug and I was born and raised in the bonny Highlands. A graduate of UHI, I am an archaeologist and historian, but my passions run to folklore, music and climbing mountains. In a previous life, I was a fairly successful chef. I am sure I can recommend a good place to eat. Or drink – Slainte!

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I was born in the Isle of Skye and moved to Inverness as a small child. I went to primary and secondary school here.  Left at age 15 and have not long returned to live here, to find a very different town, or city rather as it now is. It is much bigger, livelier place than the little quiet market town I left several decades ago. I am really enjoying being back in Inverness and  have a much greater appreciation of its beauty and its long and fascinating history. I love reconnecting with its Gaelic heritage, and am very involved in Gaelic initiatives, trying to keep the language alive and thriving for future generations. So, yes it is very nice to be back in the capital of the Highlands!

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My name is Christine and although I hail from the English Midlands I have lived in and around Inverness for the last 35 years and so consider myself a honorary local.  I just love this part of the world with its magnificent countryside and fascinating culture, which together give us some wonderful stories to tell you.  When I’m not walking around Inverness I enjoy riding my horse, walking my dog or engaging in mind games with my two cats.  I also do a bit of AmDram when the opportunity arises.  I look forward to meeting you and showing you a little of our wonderful city.

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Hi, I am Sarah and I have been part of the Highlands for almost 30 years. More importantly, the Highlands have become part of who I am. After a number of years of working overseas, it is a delight to share the incredible Highlands with visitors to the area.

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Hi, My name is Steve, I am a retired adult educator. My background academically is in British literature but my private passion is Scottish History. Originally from Liverpool, I have traveled widely for work but eventually settled with my then-newish second wife in Inverness
25 years ago. A quarter century is a fantastic amount of time to learn about an area’s history, folklore, and
tales. As a trained storyteller, I look forward to sharing my city with you.

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My name is Gill and I live south west of Inverness, between Loch Ness and Glen Affric, and enjoy the best of both worlds. The history of the city and surrounding area is fascinating. As my career was in tourism and heritage, I love meeting guests from all over the world.