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Five of the best cafes in Aberdeen

Emilija Morrison: Business Development Assistant

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring Aberdeen in our recent blog posts. From our favourite Aberdeenshire castles, our favourite walks in the area to our favourite things to do, we’ve got a blog post to suit everyone. We’ve not quite finished talking about Aberdeen yet though as today, we are going to be delving into our favourite Aberdeen cafes.


a person holding a plate of food with broccoli


1. Bonobo Cafe

Apparently, this is Aberdeen’s first vegan cafe. The menu is filled with interesting vegan delights, from the Bonobo Fry Up to the Tofu Benny. You can enjoy all of this from their rooftop garden. Even better, cat fans will love the fact that there is a cat that lives in the garden, Mickey.

For more information click here.


2. Foodstory

Started in 2013, the cafe prides itself on being a “space where anyone of any age, any walk of life, could not just eat great food but could come in and feel part of a community through art and music”. Indeed, upon entering it does feel like you become a member of a community. And like Bonobo cafe, it offers a range of plant-based meals.

For more information click here.


3. BioCafe

Another healthy cafe on the list, this one prides itself on how fresh the meals are. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is something for any time of day you visit. In particular the breakfast menu catches our eye – we’d love to try the acai smoothie bowl or the Mediterranean waffles.

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4. Almondine

Okay, so this isn’t quite a cafe – yet we thought it sounded too good not to mention! The business offers delicious, picturesque looking macaroons. Reputedly, Almondine started when the owners, after visiting Paris many times, realised that Aberdeen didn’t sell macaroons anywhere… So decided to start up a macaroon business in Aberdeen!

For more information click here.


5. Parx Cafe

Our final cafe on the list is Parx Cafe. Like other cafes we’ve mentioned, it serves breakfast too. Popular breakfast options include pancakes, waffles and avocado toast. If you are unable to make your way to the cafe itself, you can opt for the “heat and eat” option from your home.

For more information click here.

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