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Top 5 Things To Do in Windsor

Stuck for recommendations for things to do in Windsor? Maybe try out some of our top picks! Here are our top things to do in Windsor on a day trip.

How about booking a visit to Windsor and Eton Brewery? This small, award-winning brewery opened in 2010 and offers insight into one of Britain’s oldest traditions with their tours suitable for the beer drinker and non-beer drinker alike, and available every Saturday. Hear about the fermentation process whilst sipping on the delicious end product.

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Image courtesy of: Instagram @windsoretonbrewery

For a little adventure, take a 40-minute boat trip tour. Departing from Windsor Promenade and traveling upstream to Boveney Lock and Weir, where you can experience the finest views of Windsor Castle and Eton College, all from the comfort of a modern passenger boat complete with facilities and refreshments.

Come and enjoy Berkshire’s only natural history museum, Eton College Natural History Museum. This beautiful red brick building is located on South Meadow Lane and houses a wide collection of British birds that was first opened in 1875. This collection has continued to grow to over 17,000 objects, including a two-headed kitten!

Image courtesy of: Instagram @etoncollegemuseums

If you desire a more comprehensive history of Windsor life, consider joining a Guided Tour with Walking Tours in Windsor, available every day at 11am. During this ninety-minute stroll with a local guide, you can get to grips with the main sights of Windsor, as well as some hidden gems – the ideal way to explore and understand Windsor! Book here:

And maybe after all that, you might want to simply sit back and enjoy the sunshine; what better way to do that then with a nice cold pint at Two Brewers pub! Be sure to book ahead here though – this is Stratford’s smallest pub, with only nine tables available, and dates back to 1792.

Don’t miss out on your next trip to Windsor.

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